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Trans Pacific Tea

Qing Jing Farm (Oolong Tea)

Qing Jing Farm (Oolong Tea)

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Qingjing Farm 清境農場 is located in Nantou County, Taiwan. It is situated in the central part of the island, within the beautiful and mountainous region of the Central Mountain Range. Nantou County is known for its natural beauty, tea plantations, and cool climate, making it a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Fun Facts

Qingjing Farm, in particular, is renowned for its scenic landscapes, lush green meadows, and unique attractions, including tea cultivation and grazing sheep. It's a lovely place to visit for those who enjoy nature, cool mountain air, and outdoor activities.

Brewing Instruction

Gong-Fu : 1:15 tea to water ratio using boiling water. First steep 50-60 seconds. Consecutive steeps increase by 10-15 seconds. Good for 5-6 steeps.

Mug / French Press: 1:35 tea to water ratio. Brew 4 minutes. Consecutive brews increase by 30-60 seconds. Good for 3-4 steeps.

Flavor: Smooth, floral, unique minty & fruity aftertaste.
Roast: Non-roasted
Oxidization: light
Harvest: Hand-picked, Spring 2023
Elevation: 1700m
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
well rounded tea

Saw posts talking about this tea on Reddit and thought I would give it a try. Good flavors with consecutive steeps!

Fruity & Floral

This tea has a strong floral fragrance and a smooth but fruity taste reminiscent of pear. Solid daily drinker, doesn’t develop astringency easily. I like to brew this one “grandpa style” in the afternoon.