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Da Yu Ling

Da Yu Ling (High Mountain Oolong Tea)

Da Yu Ling (High Mountain Oolong Tea)

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Sourced from our friend Mr. Shen, a second generation farmer with 2 adorable sons in Yunlin, Taiwan. His journey started from his father who bought the land in Nantou from the government in his 30s. He first tried planting apples, but was constantly pillaged by monkies, which led him to pivot planting tea trees, turning into a big success. He takes pride in the unique plants & trees that surround his tea trees, which give the tea leaves unique nutrients and flavors due to complex nutrition in the soil.

Fun Facts

Often entitled the king of oolongs, the tea is grown at extreme altitude of 2400m. At this altitude, the tea trees are often engulfed in mist. The cooler temperatures and reduced sunlight exposure at these high altitudes result in slow growth and extended maturation of the tea leaves. This allows the flavors and aromas of the tea to develop gradually and intensify. Due to the limited cultivation area and low yield, Dayuling tea is considered rare and highly sought after. It is often regarded as one of the finest and most expensive teas in Taiwan.

Brewing Instruction

Gong-Fu : 1:15 tea to water ratio using boiling water. First steep 50-60 seconds. Consecutive steeps increase by 10-15 seconds. Good for 5-6 steeps.

Mug / French Press: 1:35 tea to water ratio. Brew 4 minutes. Consecutive brews increase by 30-60 seconds. Good for 3-4 steeps.

Flavor: Extremely Smooth, Floral, Sweet, Lingering aftertaste. 
Roast: Non-roasted
Oxidization: light
Harvest: Hand-picked, Winter 2023
Elevation: 2400m

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Gravanita

Great tea at a high but worth it price

This tea is decent.

The leaves can tell that this is handpicked tea. It is delicious. I am satisfied with this tea.

Buttery, sweet, top-shelf tea

Probably my favorite I’ve tried from trans-pacific tea. Notes of sweet cream, fresh butter, pear. A delicious tea to keep on the “top-shelf” for calm evenings or special occasions alike. Wonderful customer service as well.

Lance Llamzon
Enjoyed very much, I'll be ordering again soon.

Pleasantly surprised by the rich flavors, 0 bitterness. One of the better light oolongs I’ve had in a while.