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Trans Pacific Tea

Cui Feng (High Mountain Oolong Tea)

Cui Feng (High Mountain Oolong Tea)

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Cui feng is a lightly oxidized oolong sourced from Nantou in the village of ren ai, grown at 1850 meters. We sourced this spring 2023 batch from our friend who works with various tea farms in the Nantou area.

Fun Facts

This batch of Cui Feng oolong tea is extremely smooth with sweet aroma. It doesn't get astringent or bitter, you can push it further than other oolongs grown at lower altitudes. You will notice the fruity flavors more than other teas in our collection. I remember my trip in Taiwan and the first time I tried this tea, and I’ve never tasted anything quite like it. The delivery of the floral flavor was super prominent yet doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the tea soup, which is something hard to find out there. Cui feng is one of my favorite oolongs for sure.

Brewing Instruction

Gong-Fu : 1:15 tea to water ratio using boiling water. First steep 50-60 seconds. Consecutive steeps increase by 10-15 seconds. Good for 5-6 steeps.

Mug / French Press: 1:35 tea to water ratio. Brew 4 minutes. Consecutive brews increase by 30-60 seconds. Good for 3-4 steeps.

Flavor: strong aftertaste, rich flavor, aromatic mouthfeel, and a noticeable high-mountain tea charm with floral and fruity notes.
Roast: Non-roasted
Oxidization: light
Harvest: Hand-picked, Spring 2023
Elevation: 1850m

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Customer Reviews

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Delicious and well-priced

This is a delicious tea that is hardly matched for the price point. Highly aromatic with deeply savory notes of kombu, and a floral fruity finish. Excellent customer service as well.