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Four Seasons (Oolong Tea)

Four Seasons (Oolong Tea)

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Sourced from a friend of Mr. Wang, who is also a 3rd generational farmer in the Chiayi, Alishan region. His plot of land is located in the lower regions of the area compared to Mr. Wang's. He focuses on planting price friendly & quality teas that are easily harvested and budget friendly.

Fun Facts

Four seasons variant is low maintenance, easily grown and can be harvested all 4 seasons during the year due to stronger sunlight in low altitude lands where they are usually grown. This tea is great for first time drinkers due to its constant availability and price. In Taiwan, these teas are widely used in boba-shops because of their ability to be mass harvested.

Brewing Instruction

Gong-Fu : 1:15 tea to water ratio using boiling water. First steep 50-60 seconds. Consecutive steeps increase by 10-15 seconds. Good for 2-3 steeps.

Mug / French Press: 1:35 tea to water ratio. Brew 4 minutes. Consecutive brews increase by 30-60 seconds. Good for 2-3 steeps.

Flavor: subtle, delicate, sweet, smooth
Roast: Non-roasted
Oxidization: 15%
Harvest: Machine Harvested, Alishan township, Spring 2022
Elevation: 400m

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lynn Sentenn
Four Seasons Oolong Tea

I am currently enjoying three cups of this delicious tea for
breakfast every morning and heartily recommend it!!!

New fave tea!

First time buying loose leaf tea and was surprised by how good it was! So glad I got to try this as the cold weather hit and it was the perfect comforting drink! Loved the aroma after brewing too. I'm usually a coffee or matcha latte drinker but this has been my new go-to drink recently

Top quality!

Big Japanese green lover here. Saw this online for $7 for 30g and thought I'd try it. Compares favorably with better known and much pricier Japanese gyokuro. Brewed it Gong Fu style at about a minute initially. Delicate, sweet and smooth just as described. Try it and compare! Thanks for the very generous portion and the sample of Oolong also Victor and Phoenix!