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Alishan High Mountain Black Tea (Black Tea)

Alishan High Mountain Black Tea (Black Tea)

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Sourced from Mr. Wang, a 3rd generational farmer in the Chiayi, Alishan region, famous for owning one of the highest peak in the mountain region of Alishan at 1300m. His tea journey started when his grandfather purchased the land from the native Taiwanese tribe, and made a pivot from selling fruits to planting tea trees.

Fun Facts

Black teas are fully oxidized 95% - 100%, hence the darker color compared to Oolong teas. This strong oxidation leads to a distinct taste compared to light oxidation teas. Black teas often have honey, caramel or smokey notes.

Brewing Instruction

Gong-Fu : 1:15 tea to water ratio using boiling water. First steep 50-60 seconds. Consecutive steeps increase by 10-15 seconds. Good for 3-4 steeps.

Mug / French Press: 1:35 tea to water ratio. Brew 4 minutes. Consecutive brews increase by 30-60 seconds. Good for 3-4 steeps.

Flavor: Rich in Undertone, sweet-honey like aroma, smooth
Roast: Non-roasted
Oxidization: Full
Harvest: Hand-picked, Spring 2022
Elevation: 1300m

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Gravanita

For a much cheaper price, this was definitely one of the better black teas I have tried. Would recommend.

great quality tea

i got the 20g version and i love it. it has a very subtle sweetness to it and is perfect for a casual afternoon tea. i will definitely be buying more.